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Isle of Wight, UK Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Isle of Wight Travel Diary

Cheers to that- Bingo and Bubbly! | AD

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Isle of Wight Travel Diary

A visual round up of my long weekend in the Isle of Wight

If you ever want a little holiday within the UK that looks and feels like the bright coastal towns of the Mediterranean, then the Isle of Wight is for you.

I expected to take a trip to another traditional English seashore located much further south than I have ever been, but was pleasantly surprised that the isle just off the edge of Portsmouth was more or less an undiscovered little haven; considering the total journey took 8 hours, it was well worth the trip!

My group of four girls plus myself stayed in the quiet east coast town of Sundown, travelled to the furthest west point of the island to visit the famous Needles white cliff tops, walked around the popular streets of Ryde and kicked about at a beach in Shanklin.

The island offered lots of cheap food spots, including numerous fish and chip bars and tea rooms. We stayed with a family friend and commuted across the island using the tourist Island Breezer service, which runs every day and at both early and late hours.

Famous for the Isle of Wight festival, if you like mixing in with the locals, you can probably find a local music event or festival to fit your budget and music taste- but be warned, they shut off streets and bus services to accommodate such events, so you might end up stranded if you haven't sorted previous transport arrangements. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to hop in a boat and tour the island by water or cable car.

Overall, a beautiful place to go for a tonne of sunshine and relaxation, particularly for the music lover  and the aviophobic!

Fiona x

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