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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: Family Lunch Date at Bill's Resturant

This post is a little bit overdue, but it doesn't mean it is any less important or interesting. If you love good food ( like me) I am sure you have probably been to a number of raved about restaurants.

My first time at Bill's was with my colleagues and I fell in love! When I met up with my Mum and sister for a rainy weekend catch-up the other day, I knew we had to find another location and sample the food together.

Bill's reminds me of a homely and rustic cabin; the choice of furniture and decoration is mostly wooden or rusty, making the most of wooden benches, chalkboards and rows and rows of colourful bottles and greenery on display. It might have been the deary weather, but the Saturday afternoon we went was quietly busy  and was a nice lazy lunch with some home cooked body warming  food. 

I usually go for something that sounds exotic, but this time, I chose a classic (well done) 10oz rib eye steak with chips and a creamy Bearnaise, peppercorn and garlic butter sauce. Despite the steak being cooked almost to crisp, it was pretty tender and seriously juicy- I've never devoured a steak so quickly, it was a no-frills meal that seriously hit the spot. 

Kelita (my sister) ordered a Duck Pie served with red cabbage- a bit of gamble, considering duck can be extremely greasy and more fat than meat. I almost ordered the same thing, but wasn't brave enough to chose duck over the other safer option which was Fish Pie. She said it was 'different', probably because duck is quite an acquired taste, but she liked it all the same.

My Mum is a tricky one when it comes to eating out, but she *absolutely loved* (quote quote) her Mojo chicken skewers which came with came with piadina bread. The portion came out looking quite small, but it was 

Our family never leaves a restaurant without at least looking at the desserts menu,so after we argued between ourselves that we were far too full to have dessert, we ordered one each anyway and waited for them to come out feeling a little bit sheepish. Since we couldn't decide what to get, we agreed to sample a bit of each other's desserts; I had a small but filling plate of chocolate brownie that was incredibly moist and gooey, Kelita had pancakes and my Mum had classic waffles.

The service was really quick and our waiter at least made an effort to crack some jokes and make light conversation. I can't really fault Bill's , and thankfully, because there are plenty of restaurants across the country, if you're feeling a little hungry after reading this, you might be able to taste some of these dishes for yourself in no time!

To good food!
God Bless,

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Give more priority to sleep | AD

You’ve heard it a million times and now it is time to hear it a million and one times. You must and should have enough SLEEP. There is no substitute, no medication, no coffee strong enough to outdo your need for sleep. Therefore, start paying closer attention to this very important age management variable.  

These are the few symptoms if you don’t get enough sleep:

1) Irritability: So if you have an attitude, your sleep isn’t good. If you want to  throw your cell phone across the room over an unnecessary conversation, then, well… maybe you need more and more sleep. So try to keep aside all the irritability and just take a deep breath and wind up to sleep.

2) Increased cravings: your brain will want to eat more of sugars or salt based foods. So your brain makes you to intense to eat more during the sleeping time and which is again harmful to the body. Where in you end up facing constipation, drowsiness, mood swings just due to lack of sleep. So make sure to have food in early hand at least 2 hours before the bed time.

3) Low concentration and motivation: if your daily job requires you to think then better sleep, otherwise you will not be able to give your best. There is nothing worse like a worthlessly tried employee- sorry! It’s a fact. Make sure you have enough sleep while your working. Because this gives a major impact at your work place.

4) Very low energy: That’s right. No sleep and up all night will wake you up the next day feeling up tight. So do yourself a favor, just jump on to the bed. You will have the best days.

Why not try to adapt a healthy lifestyle for sleeping. Like reading books, playing games at bingo site, consuming a healthy diet, try adapting for exercise. And the only way to repair it self is SLEEP!!!!!!

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