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Monday, May 25, 2015

BeautyCon LONDON 2015!

This weekend I was given the most amazing opportunity to head down to the first ever BeautyCon London, thanks to two free tickets from Sammi aka BeautyCrush. Obviouslty, the only other person who would appeciate such an experience was my sister, so we both headed down to the capital from different cities for a day of beauty, freebies and ( most improtantly) YouTuber meetups! Here are the pictures ( watch the vlog version here!)

- T H E J O U R N E Y -

-T H E  S E T - U P -
I was absolutely blown away by all the amazing little makeup brand stands and attention to detail to make the London Olympia hall look I've never been to one of these conventions before and I was seriously impressed by how pretty everything looked. My favourite spot was the popup polaroid station and The Platform stand which had streaming TVS, a cozy sofa area, neon pink lights and a humungous bright pink glowing heart decor on the wall! I also really liked the beachy Liz Earle stand! Oh, and the random stand alone tables came in use when I needed to sort out all the stuff falling out of my bag!




-  T H E  Y O U T U B E R S / B L O G G E R S -
I'm not going to lie- the highlight of my day was meeting all the amazing ladies I watch on a daily basis in the flesh. Every single one of them were beyond sweet and pretty genuine! My favourite person to meet had to be Tasha Green because she randomly came over and started a conversation with me and my sister about hair, inspsiration and YouTube ( if you want to see her YouTube advice, check out my BeautyCon vlog!) I of course also loved seeing Sierra and Alisha who I watch without fail, as well as ShirleyBeniang who gives me serious hair and outfit jealousy!

w/ Lydia Lane

w/ my sister, Levi2Jade and her friend ( sorry, I have forgotte your name!)
w/ Charis Lincoln ( sweetest person alive!)
w/ Patricia Bright!
w/ my sister, Leanne Lim Walker, Yanin Namasonthi( idressmyself) and Tasha Green

w/ Sierra Furtado ( SierraMarieMakeup)
w/ Shirley B. Eniang ( soo beautiful!)
w/ Kezia ( Shirley's sister!)

w/ Tasha ( again!)
spotted Cassey Ho from Blogilates, but I didn't get a chance to meet her!

- T H E  P A N E L S -
I didn't end up staying for much of the panels, because I was way too busy acting like a child at Christmas- I couldn't stya in one place too long! However, I did have a listen to a few panels and it was great to hear from the very best of YouTube and the video making world about how to make it big, how to ignore hate and have a good time as a public figure on the internet!


- T H E  M A K E U P  +  T H E  F O O D -
Even though this convention was beauty based, I think I spent most of my time in the back corners queuing to meet people instead of checking out the makeup counters. Although I didn't intend to make any purchasess, there were alot of tempting makeup goodies around, especially at the NYX counter! Luckily I got my hands on a free NYX lip butter ( which I shall probably be reviewing soon) after completing a quick snap-a-pic-and-post-it-on-Instagram challenge set by the NYX team. I also managed to get a full sized Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish ( like literally half of all the BeautyCon attendees) so I will be giving that a try.
I wasn't a fan of the choice of food and without wristbands, we couldn't leave and return so we had to make do with either hotdogs or muffins. The muffin was great anyway!


- A N D  T H E N  H O M E... -
I had such an amazing time at BeautyCon, I am soo happy that I was one of the lucky people to win tickets! Thanks Sammi! The only downer on the day was the journey back home which took five hours instead of two..I ended up almost getting strandedd in another town because my coach home didn't show up! But I got in eventually after taking a one hour local bus ride through all the village country roads- by the time I got home, I was shattered! But not tired enough, because I clearly had a bit more fun with my camera....


Thanks for reading todays exciting post!
 Hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to at BeautyCon. I have a separate vlog video on my YouTube channel as well ( make sure you watcj it to see Alisha Marie, Claudia Sulewski and Mia Stammer attempt an impromptu British accent challenge set by me!)

God Bless,
Happy Bank Holiday!
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