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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Coffee Table Essentials | Chairish Challenge

Coffee Table Style
As you may have noticed from my recent posts, I am in the home décor Spring refresh spirit. It’s the perfect time of year to do a house spring clean and get rid of the old- however, not everyone has the money to do so. As a remedy for that, you can enter my £150 gift card giveaway for a chance to buy some new spring décor- there is nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion.

So, rather than stripping a room of its glory, why not reshuffle, re-purpose and refocus? For example, why not brighten up that piece of furniture that has been gathering dust, say, the coffee table sitting abandoned in the centre of your living room?

Chairish, an online marketplace that gives vintage lovers the chance to buy and sell beautiful pieces of vintage furniture and decor, have challenged me to decorate one of their coffee tables to display what I would call my “Coffee Table Essentials.” I was so in love with this challenge that I had to take it: here is what I came up with. I used their Faux Bamboo Brass Coffee Table, because of the natural and clean look that I thought would work well as a base.

I decided to keep it fresh for Spring and chose to use pastels, with a touch of elegance (white), class (black) and glam (gold).My essentials are quite Pinterest basic to be honest- I do love looking at coffee tables on there that feature a bit of greenery, hence, the square cut vase of fresh pink flowers and an on-trend rose gold terrarium fit the bill.

Using a tabletop tray makes it easier to transport food from room to room, for example, a cup of coffee in a chic gold teacup to place on your purr-fect marble cat coaster and a selection of cookies on a tempting "Eat Me" plate.  When not in use for food, trays make beautiful feature pieces for guests to oogle at, so when not in use, I would stack fashion magazines for reading inside of it, and place a scent diffuser with a clean scent (I love Jo Malone), next to it.

There is always something that needs to be shown off (like a couple of rings or a prized memento, like a pretty crystal rock) or something that needs to be kept within reach (stray hairpins from the carpet or house keys) so a pretty ceramic catch-all ( or two) would do the trick.
Lastly, no coffee table is complete without a little light, especially in the evening- I like the deer candle light and the mini mint votive, both are simple but attractive.

I’d like to think of myself as a home décor goddess, but I know that that isn’t true, however, here are some tips I think would make an Instagram-worthy coffee table.

How to set up a coffee table

Layer it up- use books and magazines to vary the height of the display- it makes it more interesting.

Mix materials- this arrangement contains elements of ceramic, bamboo, plastic and glass, but I would also consider hemp, velvet, silk and wood.
Theme the coffee table- you can use two shelved coffee tables to your advantage by giving them different themes. Perhaps the bottom shelf can be for display and your top shelf can be for productivity?
Multipurpose the table- if you are a student, the heart catch-all and sunflower paperwight can double as mini stationary holders. A frequent host? Why not pack out the tabletop tray with table top games like chess or Scrabble.
Store and stack- if you have a higher table, you can store books, extra magazines and unsightly objects underneath your coffee table in pretty boxes or baskets- subscription beauty boxes are really good for smaller items, and straw baskets hold magazines quite well.

Thanks to Chairish for the post inspiration; let me know if you have any coffee table essentials!
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Enjoy redecorating!
God Bless.

Friday, March 18, 2016


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Hello everyone,

It's my birthday today and I am really excited to write this post and give my readers and followers a chance to celebrate with me! If you know me, you will know that I love room decor and homely stuff- I can spend hours walking around home furnishing retailers, picking up and prodding things, wishing I could do up any room in the house with whatever I find.

 Last year, I redecorated my bedroom and last month, my room decor blogpost was featured on in one of their Spring trends post! Now Wayfair have given me the chance to give one of you guys the opportunity to do the same and redecorate your home in time for Spring.
One of you can be in with the chance to win a £150 gift card to spend on

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DISCLAIMER: This giveaway is sponsored by I am not being paid to run this giveaway, although I have been featured on as a blogger. All links are non-affiliate.

Good Luck!
God Bless,

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bra-blems: Bra Issues and Hacks to fix them!

Here’s a sad story- I just went through a "bra breakup".

 I’m sure we all have that one bra that fits very well, doesn’t hurt our back and doesn’t show up through sheer shirts, so we wear it all the time (obviously washing at regular periods). This week, my favourite bra decided to break and stabbed me in the chest while I was minding my own business and getting on with my day. I had to wait in pain until I could get home and assess the damage and mortified to find that the wire had completely broken through the fabric.
 I’m sure we have all been there and experienced some “bra-blems”, so I thought I would share some advice on how to go about fixing these problems.


"Wire stab" problem
The easiest thing to do is to sew up the problem. Cover the end of the wire with some tape ( masking tape is the best for this) to smooth out the sharp edge and prevent more piercing. Re-insert the wire and sew the fabric back together, securing the stitches with fabric glue or clear nail paint
TIP: I had to learn the hard way, but, you should store your bras open in a drawer, not "cup within cup" or folded as it can mess up the moulding and cause the underwire to pierce through the fabric

 "Slipping strap" problem
If your straps are slipping, it seems obvious, but try tightening the straps, ensuring that they are the same length. One strap that is too long will create a gap in the strap pn the other side and will give you lopsided support.
TIP: use a pantyliner! This sounds weird but if you cut a thin strip from an unused pantyliner and place the sticky side against your skin, your straps are less likely to slip anywhere!

"Straps digging-in" problem
Time for a smaller band! Digging straps means that either your band has stretched out or you have purchased a band that is too big in the first place.
TIP: Sometimes I like to go for a great strapless- it frees the heavy feeling in my shoulders and I, of course, don't struggle on that day with strap problems.

  "Quad boob" problem
I used to get this all the time, especially when I wore tighter shirts. This can be fixed by going up a cup size e.g. if you are a 36b, you should be buying a 36c
TIP: How can you tell if you have the right bra size? If you lift your arms over your head and your band is lying flat and the cups contain all of your breast tissue, then you are wearing the right size!

Of course, some bras are beyond repair because they are worn down or faded; if that is the case, throw them out and then you can head over to ThirdLove for a brand new bra! ThirdLove help you to find the perfect bra fit in a variety of styles and sizes; they even have an app for virtual sizing!

The lovely people have provided me with a coupon code for buyers from my blog: just enter PERSONALITY at the checkout for 15% off.

Thank you to ThirdLove for inspiring me to write this post and for providing the graphics. You can check out more "bra-blems" over at, or by downloading the FREE iPhone app from the App Store!
Third Love app
disclaimer: I am not being paid to feature Third Love on my blog. The promo code is not a partner/ affiliate link and the graphics were provided by Third Love.

God Bless,