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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Changing a Life One Watch at a Time - 1:Face Watch Review

  First things first: Happy New Year! 
It is my first post of 2015, where has time gone? It is amazing to think that a whole year has already passed by! 2014 was an incredible year for me and I am excited to see what treasures I can uncover this year!

1: F A C E
I have always wanted to be a better giver in terms of charities, and although I support charities, during Christmas I wanted to do something extra. I found out about this amazing company called 1:Face which supports nine different causes worldwide with the belief that one person can change the world by buying a charity watch. There are nine watches in total which represent one charity each and each purchase contributes to a goal. In order to support 1:Face and its mission, you can select a cause out of the nine for $40 (£26).
The causes are:
Breast Cancer
Clean Water
Disaster Relief
Animal Rights

I decided to choose the white watch which supports Hunger and the Faces of Change charity. This charity aims to provide sustainable food supplies by building food sources throughout rural villages. Although all the nine causes are as equally important as each other, I choose Hunger because at Christmastime we often forget just how much food we eat (and waste) and how many others across the world have no idea when their next meal will be.

 T H E  W A T C H
The watch took about two weeks to arrive which is pretty decent considering I ordered one just before Christmas. It comes in pretty sturdy plastic and cardboard packaging with an inviting information banner on the sides and the watch submerged in plastic in the centre. I love products that have pretty/ interesting packaging; this would have looked great to open up as a gift at Christmas.
The panels display all nine charities along with what your choice of watch contributes to. 

Is it me or does this packaging have a typo? "Feeds children in the of Africa"- I'm a little tired after last nights/ this mornings partying so correct me if I am wrong.

The watch itself has a rounded square face, four function buttons and a thick huge plastic watch wrist band. The face is mirrored in standby mode, which I think is perfection and has the 1:Face logo in the bottom corner. This is a pretty sturdy and high quality watch, it looks and feels amazing and the website claims that is is very unlikely that the screen will crack since it is made from tempered glass.

The design is sleek and minimalistic; at first, I wanted a more noticeable presence of what the watch represents and what is supports, but then I decided that the clean finish would make the watch suitable for styling. The only obvious branding is found on the watch strap hook which has 1:Face stencilled across the front.

I found the assembly of the watch quite difficult; this may have been due to the absence of any instructions included with the watch. For someone who knows how to work an online search engine, the inconvenience was short lived, but I think for other people who aren't tech saavy, instructions would have been beneficial. In short, the watch is set by pressing a sequence of buttons ( bottom left, bottom, right, top right, repeat for second time) and the remaining button has no function. The time appears when you press the right hand side buttons for about three seconds and then returns to mirror mode.

In addition to the watch, the pack comes with three free screen protectors and a thank you card. I almost lost it trying to apply the screen protector and effectively wasted two trying to peel the right sticker in the right direction etc, before realising that two layer of peeling reveal the actual screen protector on the inside ( if you are confused, purchase a watch and try it yourself- you will see what I mean!).

I am in love with the concept that 1:Face has created by wearing your heart on your sleeve ( or passion on your wrist) to remind yourself and others that there is a greater struggle out there beyond our front doors. The watch itself is a great conversation starter for anyone who is nosey enough to ask that " So, where did you get that watch?" question, which obviously spreads awareness and hope. And let's be honest, this watch is some serious arm candy! I feel like slapping on some bracelets to give my wrists some attention.
I know that being giving is one of those New Year Resolutions that a lot of people make, and quite frankly, I don't like making resolutions at the start of the year anymore because they are made on empty desires. Giving as a Christian is a mandate and a requirement; we give to God, just as he gave his Son to us. So whether I buy a charity watch, give money to a homeless guy, or just volunteer, I am not doing it just because it's a New Year. 
I'm doing it because it's a lifestyle.

I think everyone needs one of these watches, so I will leave the link to the site down below for you to check out ( sorry, I don't have any promo codes, which is wrong anyway because it is for charity!) I hope you guys feel inspired to do something different- I can honestly say its the best $40 I have spent on anything and trust me, I can seriously waste money!

I should be back to a normal filming schedule soon, so stay tuned for more videos on my Youtube!

Remember, you as an individual can actually change someones life and in this case, you can change more than one. 
That feeling is amazing.


Happy New Year! Make it a good one!
God Bless
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