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Friday, December 19, 2014

Nineteenth of Blogmas: SURPRISE NEW VIDEO!

Just a quickie for today to let all you bloggers know I have stepped over my own Youtube tradition by uploading a new video! I stayed up late last night to edit this and get it up on time so I jope you all enjoy it! It's getting busier and busier now that Christmas is almost here so I will try my hardest to keep up with Blogmas til Christmas Day; I just can't believe there is only six days left of blogmas already!
Hope you enjoy the video and Happy Weekend
God Bless,
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Eighteenth of Blogmas: How to get rid of DISCOLOURATION with ORANGE!

Hey Guys! 
Happy 1 Week to GO! Can you believe how close we are to Christmas?
Today I wanted to share a tip I recently learnt this week while watching some of my favourites on Youtube. I have major problems with dark discolouration on my skin, which is extremely common with Asian and Black skin. I get mine around my mouth and nose area, and while I have tried to get rid of it using skin routines, it ain't budging! This trick is the temporary way forward using makeup until your skin co-operates and lightens up if you are trying to treat the dead skin buildup.
All you need is an orange lipstick/ lip liner! The reason this works has something to do with the colour wheel!

Most discolouration takes on dark blue, purple hues (think of under eye circles!) so in order to cancel out these shades, you need to use the opposing colour on the colour wheel, so in this case, oranges/ peach cancel out blue/ purples.
As a note, if you have darker skin tone, dark oranges/ orange will work best, mid tones look great with coral and lighter skin tones work with peach! For me personally, a soft orange will work best. Another note is to keep the products MATTE!

How to apply
From what I have seen, this trick works much better when you use it with a concealer instead of by itself under foundation.
1. Apply your lipstick/ lip liner to discoloured areas of the face and blend in as best as you can. Fingers work the best for this, but I ahve also seen girls using Beauty Blenders
2. Then cover the area with some concealer, dabbing the product at first so not to move the lipstick/lip liner underneath and then buffing to make the colour seem flawless
3. Cover with foundation or skip and head out the door!

Finally, I thought I would gather all the products I have seen girls hype about when using this method for you convenience; in addition, all five of these are extremely affordable at £13 and under. Obviously it would be a good idea to work with swatching and trials before you make that commitment to buy- maybe try it out with a cheap eyeshadow? You're welcome!

from l-r
SLEEK Eau La La Liner in Melba // NYX Lipliner in Orange // MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger // SLEEK True Colour Lipstick in Papaya Punch // REVLON Colorburst Matte Balm in Audacious

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seventeenth of Blogmas: Messages from Minaj

I have never really be a Nicki Minaj fan. She's one of those artists you either really love or really can't stand. Personally I am not drawn to her lyrics or image - though I will admit I used to love a bit of Superbass. She's so brass and bold and has taken her music and style to levels that no other musician has dared to go. I don't listen to music that is dripping with language or stepped in sex because that doesn't enrich me as a person.
However, today as I was waiting for the bus home from work, I noticed a new single of hers on my Spotify home screen and just for curiosity's sake, I decided to give it a listen. I wouldn't be lying if I said I was ready to turn it off if I recognise that lyrical path that she tends to go down but I was pleasantly surprised that this song showed a completely different and vulnerable side to a very loud and outspoken musician.
The song 'All Things Go' is pretty deep. It's a reflection of life, looking at her fame, her effect, her family, and her mistakes. She reveals some past hurts in life including the death of her cousin to violence, the off relationship with her mum and then at the height of emotion, mentions her child whom she aborted when she was younger. In a nutshell, she basically calls out that time will move on, people will change, things will go wrong even if you are rich and famous, but you have got to keep moving on. It just reminded me that life can get you down and  bad things happen to everyone. 
Strangely the song also reminds me of what Jesus said to his disciples when he revealed that he would soon fulfil his destiny on Earth by dying and then return to heaven.  

"I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world."
-John 16:33

 In short, it reveals that life will be hard, there is no escape from that! But it is how we approach our situations that determine whether we fall or fly. Nicki looks forward in the song to the future and has hope. This week at church, I was reminded that there is no greater hope than in Jesus, who overcame death for us but began life as a humble baby, which is something we celebrate at Christmas. So be encouraged to find strength to carry on.
Isn't it strange the kind of messages we find in songs!
Thanks for reading; make sure you follow my blog via Bloglovin ( the link is on the right >>) so you don't miss any of my posts! Just a week of Blogmas left, my other posts are linked below x !

Be Encouraged
God Bless,
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sixteenth of Blogmas: My Pamper Day Routine!

Thursdays are my spa mornings- that's when I take that extra time to make myself feel good on the outside. It is extremely important to reward your body for being good to you, especially at this time of year when you spend most of your time rushing about and stressing. Although I have an a designed treatment day, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a little extra every now and then, especially if you have the time. Today I decided to do that, so I will be showing you what I like to do for my treatment. 

First off I have a nice soak in the bath because I never bath ( don't get it twisted) and only take showers, but when you have time, it iss nice to just chill and think. I love using my new Imperial Leather Paradise Island Bath Creme- this actually smells like paradise. IL has the best relaxing and luxurious feeling bath soaks, so they are my go to for products.

Next I take care of my face and I begin by cleansing. For this my TBS Camomile Cleanisng Butter does the trick- it removes all the impurities and oils from my face with an amazing silky and 'sumptuous' butter. 

 I like to apply this with my fingers and a little water to emulsify the product. After I have massaged for  a while I use a damp cotton pad to remove the product from my face and the result is a rather beaten up, darkened cotton pad which proves there is always excess grime on my skin.

A spa day is never complete without some kind of mask. I tend to switch this up, depending on what my skin is needing; to be cost effective, I like to buy small sachets or use samples. I got this sample from a delivery package and decided I wanted to give it a go today. I have tried Rodial before when I was subscribed to Glossybox and my skin reacted quite well to it. This Rodial 5 Minute Facial is supposed to clarify and reduce the size of pores.

Again I applied this with my fingers- the sachet was quite small and the product inside was quite sparse as well, but I made it work. This actually smelt like something I ate on a night out to a curry house and I don't really know why!


After 10 minutes the mask turned clay like and clumpy so I washed it off in the sink instead of with a cotton pad. The result was a very smooth skin surface and my pores did look somewhat reduced!

Next I went in with my everyday toner and moisturiser by Simple. I have used these for years and they are especially rewarding when I am treating my skin because they don't react with the other products or cause my face to swell up / redden.

To add a little something extra to my moisturer's moisturising power, I mixed in the last bits of my Vichy Idealia Life Serum. This stuff is soo silky and smooth, I can see what it is soo hyped up on Youtube and by bloggers across the globe- it is also quite expensive for me for a mosituriser so I doubt I will be repurchasing it though!

Lastly for my face I decided to cool down my skin with a facial spritz- I feel like facial spritzs, like fix sprays, just seal everything in- they also just feel good sitting on your previously scrubbed and rubbed skin. I absolutely love Vitamin C in the summer, but for now I have been using up my Anatomomicals Spray Misty for Me spritz. This has mint, roe, lavender, aloe and witch hazel which is quite possibly the top 5 ingredients for a super face spritz. This calms my skin soo much and leaves it feeling hydrated.

I like to leave this to dry naturally, or if I am impatient (like I was today) I just fan my face until the product has more or less absorbed.

Last but not least, my nails, which are often neglected, get a bit of a pick me up in the form of a quick nail paint job. Honestly, I could give them the whole works but I don't have all that fancy equipment on me. For now, nail polish works wonders for jagged nail beds. I know that these colours aren't very festive, but I actually like the fresh and cold look these polishes have- not to mention that mint and gold are my absolute favourite combination ever.
For this I used my love Essie Penny Talk and GOSH's Miss Minty.

I was feeling a bit more fancy than usual, so I went all out with mint nails and gold dots. i forgive you if you look at my nails and thing Easter bunnys, chicks and Spring because that's exactly what I pictured, more specifically, Mini Eggs!

And then to finisg off after a good slap of top coat, my TBS Wild Rose Hand Cream gets rid of all the dry skin and cracks in my hand making them look and feel a bit more loved!

Thanks for reading and staying with me on my Blogmas journey! I am doing better than I first thought so I hope to keep these posts going since I am already on a roll!
If you have missed any of my other Blogmas '14 posts, they will be linked below!


 Go and pamper yourself,
God Bless,
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Fifteenth of Blogmas: A Week in Pictures

Yesterday's blog was a fail, and that is all because Sundays are really a no-go zone when it comes to spending time uploading though I do try, but I tend to be out all day chilling with people. Hope that's okay.
I don't know why but today I felt like sharing my past week in very pixelated pictures straight from the Camera Roll of my phone ( you have been warned in advance) I guess this is sort of a follow me around in a week kinda thing- let's just roll with it.

Friday night was set up night for our Youth annual Christmas/ Winter Prom. A small team of use decorated a two floor building with a Bollywood theme downstairs and a Nollywood theme upstairs. Believe it or not, the whole process took about 5 hours of hard graft, which was completely worth it for Saturday.
This was just after the Bollywood themed prom just before I fell into bed exhausted! If you guys would like to see me get ready for the night out, then you are in luck because that Get Ready with Me just went live over on my Youtube channel.
This picture was clearly supposed to make its way to Instagram, hence the crazy warm filtering, but I must have forgotten to post it in the end. I actually can't remember what this was but it was seriously creamy! My flatmate brought some back in a box and she lovingly let me have the rest. Funnily enough, this Sunday ( yesterday) I was back in Pizza Express myself.
A no filter sunrise on a quiet Monday morning- how pretty is that? Mondays for me are pretty chilled, so I more or less took this on my way back from the kitchen with some toast and and then went straight back to sleep
I love having a box of snacks by my bedside to munch on while I am editing and since our kitchen was a little short on sweet supplies, while I was in town I picked up this box of mini Danish cookies. They were super cheap but surprisingly very crumbly! I don't think it's any surprise that a week later, they no longer exsist.
Wednesday was PLL day!- I was literally so excited to watch this episode I text my friend just before to let her know so we could watch it in our own homes at the same time. Afterwards, as usual, we had a huge converstation about A theories! If you would like to read about my own theories, you can check out the blog post that I posted on the day!  It's always nice to have someone who understands your TV addictions!
 If you are follower of mine on YouTube, then you will know that I had a craving for salads through the month of November as mentioned in my monthly favourites video. This month has been no different, especially when I try to make a new salad mix everytime. This one isn't soo exciting- this is my Yellow and Green Mix- cheese, lettuce, shredded cucumber, yellow peppers, sweetcorn and a dash of my favouritre raspberry and basil dressing.

Back round to Friday which was actually a very lazy one, I finally lit my Toffee Crunch candle from Bath and Body Works which I have been saving up because it is the last one I received in my swap two years ago. This is incredible and smells of the cinemas and pretzels!

So, that was my week in images: as you can see my life isn't Vlogmas worthy, but I think it just about qualifies for a blog post!

As I mentioned before, since it is Monday, I have a new video on my Youtube; I think everyone loves a Getting Ready video so I'm sure you will like it too! You can watch it here; don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and click that Like button for my channel reaching its 100th video!

On the fifteenth day of Blogmas, Fiona gave to me, a round up of her week using photography

Happy Monday to you,
God Bless,
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thirteenth of Blogmas: My Black Friday Treat!

I know Black Friday was quite some time ago, but I more or less just got round to opening up my Amazon package that has been sitting around in my room for days. It's not that I am that busy, I literally just brush it off and forget ( I know that that isn't normal), considering the package contained the two things I have been wanting in ages! Finally, I am a Real Techniques brush owner!

I have only ever used Sigma brushes for my makeup and while Sigma is heaps more expensive than RT, the ones I have been using have only just started to shed, lasting an incredible four whole years.
My sister got her hands on the RT brushes a while back and has raved about them ever since, so naturally I wanted them too, but I just never bought them. And then finally, on Black Friday, as I was casually window shopping on because I had no plans to buy a thing, there they were! And get this: they were both £10 each! What?? The deal was nearly up and I think I was one of the last people who managed to add the items to my basket in time. I can't believe I managed to get the 9 core brushes for only £20 total with free shipping when one brush can retail in stores for about £6-8 alone! Imagine if I had caved in and bought them before...

The moral of the story: Waiting never hurts nobody!

On the thirteenth day of Blogmas, Fiona gave to me, RT brushes with a moral to a good story


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God Bless,
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Twelfth of Blogmas: Mini Home Haul!

Happy 12th Day of Christmas! We are almost there!
If you are a viewer of mine, you will know that I am in the process of doing over my new room, since I moved into a new house back in June. I haven't showed anything off so far because I am that much of a perfectionist and I want it to be complete before I do a tour, but I thought to put minds at rest I would give you a mini haul of somethings I have bought recently for my bedroom!

1. Dulux White Chiffon paint // Wilkinson
First things first: paint! And its probably in the most boring-says-nothing-special shade you will ever see and that is because I am in a rented house, so crazy colours is a no-no. However the walls are extremely dingy and have all kinds of nasty grease, makeup and fingermarks all over them that a quick wipe down won;t cure, so I have been given the go ahead to repaint. This little bucket cost me £14 because I managed to get it at Wilkinson when they were having a 20% home decoration event.

2. Basic Photo Frames // Wilkinson
I am planning to go all out with frames in my room, and nice cheap basic frames is a must for that. Again, these frames were only £1.00 each at the Wilkinson sale. The gold ones were originally black but I spray painted them gold to match my theme ( pay attention to the colours in this post, it will give you an idea of what colour palette I am going for!)

3. Turquoise handled Mason Jars //Wilkinson
I saw these jars and bought them just because they are Mason jars. As a YouTuber, I thinking having mason jars in your bedroom is almost a given, so I will find some use for these beauties, maybe on my desk. I'm glad I actually found some coloured jars as well, especially in that blue-y colour that I wanted, and ones with handles which make them a bit more unique. These were pretty cheap at only £3.00 each.

 4. Dog Ornament // Wilkinson
Meet Tobias.
 This purchase was a huge win for myself because I. have.been.eyeing.this for the longest time, asking myself if I want to buy it or not. And then, one fateful day before work when I was in Wilkinson buying cough medicine, I noticed that it was on sale for £6.00 and there was only one left so I couldn't pass it up. I like little ornaments like these, its quite Tumblr-y and will look good maybe on my window ledge.

5. Name and Friendship plaques // Gifts
These two plaques were gifts from my flatmates, one from each actually! The name one is from the lovely hills of Wales! I love personal little things like this and I will probably hang these somewhere in my room on display.

6. Fuzzy faux fur rug // IKEA
Last by not least, how can any homeware haul be complete without something from the King of Homeware, IKEA? I have wanted a rug at the bottom of my bed for a while and this one is super cheap in comparison most other, yet still very fluffy. This is only £10, which doesn't break the bank and was small enough to roll up and pop in my handbag afterwards. It says that it is "white", but it is clearly more cream in the light which was a little bit disappointing.


So hopefully you guys are beginning to picture what I might be doing to my room; I really hope to do a room tour soon, but we shall have to see how long it takes me to get my act together and get everything finished ( I haven't even painted yet!)!
On the twelfth day of Blogmas, Fiona gave to me, a home haul of all things pretty

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