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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WISHLIST | Sweater Weather

Winter Sweater WishlistHey guys, welcome back to my (sparkly new) blog! I hope you like the NEW design, be sure to let me know in the comments section.
I have been online window-shopping for a couple of days now and found that I have been obsessing over simple affordable sweaters and cardigans to keep me warm now its officially winter.

I like the simple detail of this sweater and the mottled dark and light grey colour. This type of jumper is an easy DIY with an old abandoned sweater and scrap material, but there's nothing wrong with investing a profess one for only £20.
Crop sweaters are great for high waisted jeans or skirts paired with lace up or higher heeled booties. I'm thinking of investing in a cream or white one, but most options are quite pricey. This one from BooHoo comes in Stone, Black and Silver and is £12, which is a bargain.
Longline cardigans are my favourite throw on piece of clothing when you don't know what to wear. I don't have an extremely chunky one yet, but this one from ASOS is probably my favourite sweater/ cardigan from the lot. It's slouchy, open knit, but thick and looks great on the model.
The most colourful out of the five. I saw this in Bethany Mota's new Holiday clothing collection at Aeropostale and fell in love. Although you're obviously supposed to wear this outside, this looks like the perfect cardigan to wear indoors when it gets a little icy. This, leggings and furry boot slippers inside sounds good.
Lastly, you can always find  a good ol' batwing something in my closet for winter. I have worn my two batwing cardigans from AWear to death, so finding a replacement is important. This also has a two toned grey effect with a slouchy fit for another great casual outfit topper.

Let me know where you buy your sweaters from.
Happy Veterans/ Remembrance Day
God Bless,
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