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Friday, October 31, 2014

25 Before 25 - BLOGtober #10

We have officially made it to the end of Blogtober and to the end of yet another month. Leaving a month, a week or even a day behind gets you thinking " What can I do next?"
 I asked myself that question this morning and then it dawned on me that there was only two months of 2014 left. I don't know about you, but  although I graduated from university this year, took the plunge and moved away from home and hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I generally feel that I have let the year pass me by. I am 21, in the prime of my life, yet I have nothing to report. And that makes me sad, because we don't get any of those days back. So, armed with a notepad, a pen and The Apprentice playing in the background, I wrote what I would like to achieve before March 18th 2019- if you didn't know, that's my 25th birthday.

1.Travel some more. I always hear so many of my friends describe their elaborate travel plans and I really want to be on the next plane out of here somewhere else. I want to go and see stuff ! The day my foot lands in America will be a dream come true by the way, especially California!
2. Finish a full workout! While everyone else is still sweating it out over that online fat blaster workout, I am one of those who gave up in the third minute and ventured downstairs for some food. One day though, right!
3. Volunteer. That hole on my CV is a biggie which needs filling with some kind act for my local community or charity. To be honest, it is pretty selfish of me to have lived for over two decades and never given back to the locals. Guilty.
4. Learn shorthand. This skill is pretty much an asset for any aspiring journalist and I will be honest- the little squiggles look like secret code and I just really want to be able to write like that, okay?
5. Get behind the wheel. Yes. Most people I know my age passed their driving test ages ago and most now own cars/ have access to cars. I, on the other hand, don't even have a provisional.
6.Get lunch alone! Confession time. The one thing that frightens me the most is the idea of being on a lunch break at work and sitting at a table alone, eating alone. I cannot describe how horrifying that sounds to me, and I'll admit I have actually skipped eating once when I faced that situation. I just can't.
7. Know my movies. This is a bit of a trivial one, but I would like to watch all those 'old timer' classic movies like Singin' in The Rain, Funny Face, Casablanca... the list goes on.
8.Learn how to love cooking. Don't get me wrong, I love to bake, but cooking requires a bit more of an effort. I also need to come up with a slightly more enticing menu, because if it were down to me, pasta would appear in almost every dish.
9. Run! I think we can all agree that finishing something huge like half a marathon or even the whole thing is pretty impressive. When I master Number 2 on this bucket list, I will be on my way.
10. Be kinder to my skin. Before I started wearing makeup, my face was pretty flawless. Four years later, it's a mess of hyperpigmentation, dark circles and dark scars. It looks awful and if I could just take a Magic Eraser and get rid of it all, I would. But all that damage won't budge until I learn how to be good to my face. By 25, I want most of it sorted!
11. Become Team Apple! I'm sorry, but this is the ultimate wish, especially when it comes to laptops. Having an iPhone has been the
dream for a while but I just can't get over the playback image that pops into my head of getting one and watching it shatter into a million pieces in the toilet or something.
12. Watch Breaking Bad. I tried, I really did, but I very quickly got bored. Saying that, The Good Wife and The Vampire Diaries were not my cup of tea when I first started watching, but now I love them both- perhaps I just need a little more time.
13. Pick up the violin again. I probably won't get back into playing the violin again, but having a little pluck at it and trying to read music again will do.
14. Take a roadtrip. This is the wannabe American in me speaking- I watch all these Roadtrip videos on YouTube and it makes me want to pack up some stuff and travel across the country. It may not be as interesting in England as it looks in the States, but I guess you make the most of what you have got!  
15. Learn the words to all of those MJ songs. This is completly random, but! please comment if you agree! When MJ comes on the radio, everyone is like " Oh MJ!", but hardly anyone knows what on Earth he is singing. Take Smooth Criminal for example.
16. Go to a concert. I clearly haven't lived that teenage life because I have never been to one. 
17. Get a job that I love. Obviously my ultimate job is founding my own magazine, writing about beauty, baking and The Bible, but there are still placements out there that I generally think will have me out of bed in the morning, dashing to work because I cannot wait to get started for the day.
18. Be courageous in filming. Another confession. I still haven't properly filmed in public. Eek.
19. Take an electric free weekend. Trading in your phone, laptop, tablet, toaster, cooker, microwave and popcorn maker sounds scary, but I think I might be up for the challenge.
20. Write a letter. Very old fashioned, but I want to send someone a letter instead of a text; letters take more time and effort and are certainly more heartfelt than a quick message via SMS. First, I need to buy some pretty writing paper and some stamps.
21. Get physically fit. By that I mean getting some flexibility in my old bones, not have to huff when running for a bus and working out without feeling like you have just cracked every muscle in your back.
22. Give a tip. Hands up admitting this .Guess who has never given a tip. Me! Ah I feel soo bad! I am going out to dinner tonight though, so this might be my lucky day.
23. Throw a dinner party. The "come and dine with me" idea does not appeal. Having to rush off your feet trying to serve all your friends sounds like too much, so completing this will actually be an achievement.
24. Reach 10k on YouTube. I just reached 1k this year and I would honestly be overwhelmed if 10, 000 people liked my weirdness on camera enough to subscribe. I can't even imagine having 10,000 family members, that would honestly be an honour.
25. Save enough money for THAT event. I don't know what it is yet but I would love to put aside some money for a spontaneous event in the last year of my early 20's. Hopefully it will be a treat to myself  for completing my 25 before 25 list!

So that is my bucket list. This was soo fun to create and I dare you to do the same. 

So, BLOGtober 2014 is now over. Thank you if you have read my posts, I truly appreciate it. I will be continuing this mad spiel on my blog and I intend to be posting as regularly as I can.
I hope you all had a wonderful October and I wish you the very best for November x

xoxo ( you know you love me)
God Bless,    
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