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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The £9 Benefit Cosmetics Gift Set- Happy Beauty Day Review

Whenever I find a beauty piece of gold, I am usually in the middle of minding my own business.
Two weeks ago, I was doing exactly that at the back of the checkout queue in Boots. 
As I got nearer to the front, I stood next to the tempting little extra things they put into the aisle and I freaked out inside when I saw this product. I barely looked at it; all I saw was "Benefit" and the £9.95 sticker and I was committed. I was only supposed to pick up deodorant, but I came out with three and an extra beauty item.

W H A T  I S  I T  ?

The Happy Beauty Day gift set is a small tester sized package of three cult Benefit Cosmetics products- a cheek/lip, eye and face product. The products come in a pretty hot pink box, stuffed with tissue and it is just the right size for an appropriate " I feel like a treat" gift to yourself! As I understand it, this set was also available in June last year with slightly different contents- all the boxes this year have exactly the same contents as each other. So what is in the package?

 W H A T  I S  I N  T H E  B O X  ?
 The box, as mentioned before has three miniature sized beauty items, as well as a nice little card for a free makeup session at your local Benefit Beauty bar in Boots. I don't think I recall seeing a Benefit bar in my local Boots, but I will be sure to have a look out the next time I pop in for something. In addition, on the back there is an offer to receive 500 Boots advantage points when you spend £25 on Benefit on the Boots online store. I wish it included in-store as well, but I can see how that may influence me to check out something online; I am a huge Advantage Card saver and I love getting me some points, especially 500 ( which is equal to £5.00!)

Bad Gal Lash
The first makeup item is a Bad Gal Lash mascara in Black. Although this isn't currently the one when it comes to Benefit mascaras, at one time, this was apparently a cult favourite ( until "They're Real" took over). Still, I have never tried this mascara- or anything Benefit for that matter- so I am willing to give this a try.

I didn't think much of the brush on first impressions; if you know me, mascaras have to have crazy wand designs to impress me or make me think it will work. However, since this is Benefit we are talking about, I have high hopes for the product. One thing I did notice was how well the brush picked up the product and how evenly the brush was coated with product, which tends to be a problem with other mascaras as I end up doing the dunk-redunk method quite alot.

The next product is the cheek/ lip stain, one of the famous tints in the line. The box comes with the poppy pink shade tint named " Posie Tint." Of course, Benetint is the original and I have heard from friends that it is the most universal shade in terms of skin tone. 
I have seen Youtubers use this tint in their videos, and all have had much fairer skin than mine, so I can't deny that I am a little apprehensive about this, wishing that Benetint was included instead. However, I feel that if it has trouble showing on my skin/ cheeks, then it may have to serve as a lip tint only, which would look nice and fresh in the summer.

 The colour payoff for this is beautiful, and it seems to be quite thick and long lasting. Swatched ( see below) on my skin, it comes off as a pretty bubblegum pink, but I will have to see the payoff on my cheeks as well as after I have rubbed it into my skin.

Lastly, the box has the one and only the Porefessional primer, which I am the most excited to try. You would have seen in my Beauty Haul that I posted recently that I picked up the Maybelline knockoff called 'Baby Skin', which is now my love. I honestly think that the Maybelline primer is perfection and I am secretly hoping that this one is not as good, as I was extremely close to buying it once.

The mini tester size comes in a box with directions/ suggestions of how to apply, which is useful, but I was more happy about the box itself, which I though was cute ( I will be keeping the packaging!). I am hoping that the tester size will be enough to fully judge the product although I think that at the rate that I apply pore reducing primer, it will not last me more than a week, if that.
If you would like me to review the Maybelline Baby Skin against this primer, you can let me know in the comments section.

I am so pleased that I managed to spot this set in Boots, and I really hope that it is still available in store for any of you who are reading this and would like to give it a go. I don't think it is online, so if any of you know more about this, where you can find it, and how long it will be available ( if it is still available at all!), leave a comment so we all can see.
Even if you don't like Benefit Cosmetics, wouldn't this be a great little thank you for a friend, or even a belated birthday gift for someone who has everything? I hope there are still some left because, to be honest, you can never plan for Christmas too early.

That is all for today's post, if you also picked up the little package, let me know what you think, especially if you have not tried any Benefit products like myself yet.

If you have, let me know which one if your favourite product!

UPDATE: For those of you who are followers of mine from YT, you would have noticed that there was no #NewVideoMonday yesterday. I tweeted out that this was because I have a lot of work to catch up on for university; I am currently in the middle of writing an essay and my dissertation and I only have two weeks left till deadlines, so unfortunately, filming, editing and uploading YT video will have to take a seat on the back bench until May. 
I know, its painful.

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Thank you for reading
God Bless,
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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Review: LUSH Fresh Farmacy Cleanser ♥

If you watched my March Favourites that I uploaded yesterday, you would have heard that I wanted to try out some more LUSH products after using their Sweetie Pie shower jelly. I haven't actually yet been to a LUSH store with the intention to buy something ; in the past, I may have picked up soaps and bath bombs and smelt them, but then I have always put them right back down again and left empty handed.

This time, as I walked into the store, I ducked behind a group of girls because I know that LUSH sales reps have a very keen eye for newbie LUSH shoppers and I prefer to figure things out by myself.
 I found my way to the soap table, but as soon as I reached out for a soap bar, a sales rep appears right next to me and begins to ask me a heap of questions.
Thankfully, I was quite stuck and she proceeded to help me find the products that I was looking for through explanation, recommendation and a small demonstration.

The power of the LUSH sales team is quite big because I was barely fazed that the lump of soap she gave me came up to £7.00, which was a lot more than I expected. If you don't know, all loose products at LUSH are charged by every 100g ( in this case £4.75/100g) 

 However, I am happy to say that it was quite worth it.

The soap, called 'Fresh Farmacy', is a light beige colour and comes in a hunky triangle shape; I like that you can clearly see the 'bits of nature' in the bar, which also gives it a very slight gritty feel. For the most part though, it feels extremely silky. The bar itself is part of a floral design and although that hardly matters, I wish that my piece showed the design a little more, because I do have a thing for pretty things.

Look at all that natural goodness

Design of Fresh Farmacy
 I was pleased to see that the sticky tab keeping the wrapped parcel together was instructions for use, although I am pretty sure I know how to use a bar of soap- however it did come in use when I was writing this blog post, because I completely forgot what the product was called. Thanks LUSH!
There are quite a couple of ingredients in this product and all the active ingredients are natural (of course) and consists of:

Calamine Powder
Lavender Oil
As a combination, they calm and soften the skin as well as restoring the natural chemical balance of skin.

~ A P P L I C A T I O N ~

The LUSH website says that this product is so gentle, it can be used everyday on the face, as well as on the body; therefore, I use this product every morning as part of my new morning routine.

I was told by the helpful sales rep not to store the entire bar in the shower as it would end up 'melting', so I found an easy way to use it without having to dash out of the shower to fetch it when I needed it.
I cut off small 1 inch chunks and use one at a time, which I store in an empty beauty product tub- this particular tub, which was a moisturiser, has a screw tight lid which keeps out most of the water vapour, so I like to leave this on the soap dish in my shower so it is within reach.

The beauty of holding onto empty beauty tubs and pots!
This pot has an airtight lid and keeps the moisture at bay

I usually only use about an inch of the product at a time
  I begin by wetting my face and my hands and then I 'wash my hands' with the soap. This basically means that I try to lather the soap in my hands; I do this by rubbing the soap into my wet hands to get enough product on my fingers and palms. The product doesn't foam, but it creates a nice feeling cloudy residue, which smells amazing and fills my shower with such a lovely sweet smell. I have already established that I am not good at describing fragrances, so I will not even attempt to say what I can smell here.

Depending on how I feel, I will use my Body Shop Facial Brush to buff the cleanser into my sink. If I don't use my cleanser, I work the product into my sink for about a  minute and then rinse. If I use the brush, I work for about 30 seconds as the brush is more harsh and then rinse as well.

~ T H O U G H T S  &  R E S U L T S ~

I found this product to be quite drying at first- if you don't like products that make your skin feel taunt or cause your hands to run over your face in short bursts, rather than smoothly ( if that makes sense) then you will not like this.
On the first application day, I noticed that I had visible white dry patches around my mouth after getting out of the shower, but I now I apply a rich moisturiser afterwards to combat this.

I have only used one 1 inch chunk since I purchased this soap ( purchased on 22nd March) which means one chunk this size lasts about a week and a half.

~O V E R A L L ~

This is a very practical product which keeps my skin clean and fresh, without breaking the budget.
Overall, this cleanser has done well to get rid of any excess shine, and my face feels a lot fresher in the mornings than before in the space of time when I was not using a cleanser. In comparison to my previous cleanser which was Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm, it does not give me that clean all day feeling, but I have noticed that my skin looks more revived and spots appear smaller.
 I would definitely repurchase this, but I have a feeling that this bar might last me a long time, so when I do repurchase, I will keep you guys updated!

Thanks for reading!
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