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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November Glossybox 2013! Unboxing + Quick Review/Impressions!


Hi Everyone!
It is November ( already!) and I received my monthly Glossybox in the mail!
I have already seen and heard so much about this month's content and I may have seen a couple of  tweets claiming that this is the best Glossybox ever. Any statement like that is pretty hard to live up to but I'd like to give Glossy the chance to impress me.
So, what is in the box this month?

T H E  T H E M E
This month is Wishlist month, where Glossybox give Glossies products to try that they might add to their potential Christmas wishlist. The magazine has a nice little section explaining the three different limited edition Glossyboxes available for the holiday season as well as expert advice on skin, lips and makeup. I really do love the presentation of the magazine and the quality is amazing- regardless of what is in a box, I always enjoy the mag with a cup of hot chocolate!

T H E  C O N T E N T S
Since GB have persisted to use the same pink box, I will skip going into details about the packaging this month and begin with the contents and my first impressions.
 Just because of what I have heard on Twitter, I was expecting my eye to catch something big. And it did- something that looked like a can of deodorant.

B Complete Long Lasting Nail Polish
£4.99 for 8ml, Superdrug

 First up is a nail polish; this isn't exactly a high end product Glossybox ( a fiver isn't really stretching the budget!)
 If it was any other month, I would be delighted because I love me some nail polishes. However, this month I have decided to go nail polish free, which is a shame because this colour is lovely. It is a deep emerald green with iridescent tiny green shimmer
It has a glossy finish, which will be nice for the holiday season and dries pretty quickly. I'll have to see for myself another time if it is long lasting, but quick drying time gets my vote any time. 
I like that the colour in the bottle is more or less true to the colour on the nail, but the only thing I'm not happy about is the coat.

The tester above is two coats of polish and my nail is still visible in some areas ( please excuse my botched attempt at doing this quickly, in my defence, I was holding my camera at the same time)  However, I think just one more coat would give me the colour I want.

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails
£3.00 for 125ml, Superdrug-Boots-New Look

Any beauty product that is sold at New Look automatically makes me nervous. There is nothing wrong with New Look- I shop there all the time- it just makes me wary when I see them selling beauty. Once again another let down at only three pounds, but like I said, I like to be surprised.

I tested this product out immediately and the picture above shows my nail after applying the spray. The spray is non greasy, and thankfully, doesn't have that obnoxious ' I just painted my nails, can you smell my nail polish remover' smell to it. It is quite light and the spray on my skin resembles water.
This product claims to dry polish to the touch instantly and makes polish glossy in 60 seconds 
( information on back of can) After a couple of seconds, I touched my nail. 
And this happened...

The polish has clearly rippled and I can just about see my fingerprint on the surface of my nail. 
So, perhaps another gimmicky product? 
On the plus side, my nail polish did not lose its glossiness, but I can't say that the product left my polish glossy as it had a shine to it in the first place, so I may have to try that out on matte shades.

Yves Rocher France Cocoa and Pistachio Hand Cream
£1.95 for 75ml,

This is this month's instant favourite product. It looked good in the box, it looked good in the light and above it it smells good! 
Yes, yes, yes.
Somehow GB always manages to give me a product that I have just run out of; now my Soap and Glory Hand Food has given its last squirt, this will definitely be going into my bag by the end of the day.
On my hand, it looks like any other hand cream, and I'm glad because, for some reason, I had this thought that it might have come out dark brown or glittery.

This cream is queen bee, because it is so amazingly rich!  The name might give it away, but this smells very heavily of nuts. I don't like pistachio at all, so I smelt this and thought 'Okay...'
 If you hate nuts, you will hate this, because the smell lingers. The cocoa is definitely a base note, but it blends really well.
The formula is silky and a little on the greasy side, but extremely nourishing and the perfect scent for autumn: cosy and woody!

However, once again, this is only £1.75. What is going on this month?

Emite Makeup Micronized Eyeshadow 'Dams'
£16.80 for 1.48g,

The only makeup item in this box is an eyeshadow from the brand Emite, which I don't know much about. 
This shadow comes in a very clean cut professional black circular pot, which is nice and slim, benefiting makeup bags.

What is special about this shadow. It is 'micronized' Eh?
Apparently, this eyeshadow is 'micronized to facilitate application' ( whatever that means) and is suitable for contact lens wears and those with sensitive eyes. I wear glasses and I have hayfever so that applies to me!

The card also says the word 'Dams' which I assumed was the colour until I saw the word 'Nect' on the back. I am confused, someone enlighten me.
 The colour ( whatever it is called) is like a dusty pearl white. It is quite smooth to the touch and swatches quite nicely on the skin. Again the claim that it is long lasting will have to be put to the test, but for first impressions, this little product is quite a gem. 
I am only concerned that I may not find enough use for this as I don't wear white eyeshadow at all, as even my highlight colour is a soft beige, but I will make it work-somehow.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum
£29.50 for 30ml,

And last but certainly not the least ( in many ways) is the star product of this month- the new Vichy Idelia serum. I have heard and read about this a lot this week, mostly in product raves. This is supposed to protect your skin from the environment and improve its appearance.

The box came with 3 samples in a little pink gauze bag and I have been trying to work out if they are all the same- I am still stumped.  I loved the presentation of this, that £2.95 packaging and postage went to good use! I probably won't use these as I have already got a new skincare routine in place, but I may gift them to someone else, or save them to put in a stocking at Christmas.

Each sample is a pint size 3ml, which I never think is enough to truly test the effects, but I guess three samples makes up for it.
Now then, the biggie.
This serum retails for almost £30 making it the most expensive product in the box, a huge difference from the hand cream or the nail drying spray. That is what I personally like to call high end!

 O V E R A L L

It seems that it is very hard to impress me with the contents of a  Glossybox and this month is no different. 
This box is much better than last month's in terms of my ability to use the products but comes way down low for price value. I don't think that having  half of the products priced at £5 is justified just because the other two are prices in the double digits. 
This box is supposed to be mostly high end or at least from brands that are mostly unheard of and certainly not sold at New Look if classed as a beauty item.
So, all of that said, again, I give this a 3/5.

Das ist alles, ( that is all)
 but leave me a comment and tell me...
1) Your opinions about this month's box
2) What you received

Thanks for reading,
God Bless
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