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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Food Quickie: GLUTEN FREE- NO FUSS Banana Pancakes

October Glossybox 2013! Unboxing + Quick Review/Impressions!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Food Quickie: GLUTEN FREE- NO FUSS Banana Pancakes

Tastes soo good! Photo credit: fionabrianne
 When I have a lecture or seminar at nine on a Monday morning, I don't have time to fix up a full fry up.
However, I have always been a breakfast person and I cannot leave the house without fixing up something- my mother taught me well.

I recently discovered a breakfast gem, which I think is perfect because it is quick and easy. Not only that, it is healthy and fills you up ( even if you have three. Or four...)

I always give honour where honour is due, so I must tell you that i found this recipe on Cassey Ho's website. Cassey is founder of Blogilates and she is an amazing fitness guru and pilates teacher. I will link the original down below.

All you need for this is two ingredients.

1 ripe banana
2 eggs
OPTIONAL: pinch of cinnamon

M E T H O D:
Cut the banana pieces into slices and add to a medium sized bowl. Crack the eggs over the top and go crazy with a whisk or potato masher, combining until smooth. (It is okay if you have some lumps, but make sure they aren't huge)
OPTIONAL: Add in your cinnamon to add a kick ( cinnamon also boosts your metabolism!)
Heat up a frying pan ( or skillet, depends where you are from) and add a small amount of coconut or extra virgin olive oil.
Add two scoops at a time, give it half a minute top, flip, give another 10-20 seconds and then place on a plate.
You are done!

Want to see me make this?

Click the link below and skip to the 10:59 point

Thanks for reading, 
God Bless
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October Glossybox 2013! Unboxing + Quick Review/Impressions!

 Hi Everyone!
 Another month means another Glossy and in my case, another FREE Glossy (we all like a freebie!)
 I managed to save up two free boxes worth of Glossydots and redeemed my last freebie this month. Once again, following last month's box, I was very excited to receive mine and do another unboxing for this blog. This month's box is called 'Dark Romance', a theme which I know reflects that Autumn is now here(!) and I'm guessing Halloween also!

However, despite all of this, I was actually extremely disappointed to find that Glossybox chose to stick with their trademark pink box. As you all know, I always find good use for my boxes, but another pink box! I was expecting a sleek black box with cobweb designs (even if I don't celebrate Halloween ,it would definitely be a keepsake!) or at least an orange one with leaves (*sigh)

  This month's information card could have served for inspirations sake for the box, even if they had given us a box with maroon lipstick kisses, it still would have made such a difference.
 Still, issue number two of the new GB magazine was included, which I have yet to read but I saw the words 'Wendy Rowe', who I know is a leading makeup artist, so I will be sure to check out that article first!

T H E  C O N T E N T S
Now onto the best bit: the products itself.
 I experienced a little deja vu as I opened this box as it reminded me of how I felt last month; it seemed at first as if there were a couple of products short until I realised that once again, the products are all relatively small. 
First Expression?
"Oh! I'm glad that I got this one free!"

Katy Perry 'Killer Queen' Perfume
£29.50 for 50ml, Boots- Superdrug

The first thing- because it is the brightest- is the new fragrance from Katy Perry called 'Killer Queen'.
 I have already smelt this and I love it- it's definitely a must for  autumn as it has a very rich but smooth woody and fruity scent. Call me ungrateful but I wish that this was a small bottle instead of a sample! The bottle in a miniature size would have looked great on my dresser (look at it!!) but still, good on GB for getting this fragrance in for us.
I especially love that this sample has the top, heart and base notes listed inside because, let's face it, I am terrible at describing perfumes.
Praline in a perfume is perfection. Just saying.

Me Me Me Cherub's Blush- Cheek and Lip Tint
£5.50 for full size,

I have only had one other Me Me Me product from Glossybox, which was a nail lacquer, and that was quite good quality, so I have high hopes for this one. 
Although I am not a fan of cheek and lip stains personally, the colour is very pretty and I can definitely see where they were going with this- it looks like blood in a bottle! ( I bet someone is going to go all Vampire Diaries and paint their teeth with it for Halloween)

One thing I am impressed with already though is its very quick drying time. I applied a couple of strokes to my hand to test it out and the colour is quite feeble in comparison to what it looks like in the bottle. But I am not joking, it dried in seconds! So, I guess I could get pass the colour and apply a couple coats, then I should be good to go.


Eva Cosmetics Mystic Diamond Argan Oil
£22.70 for 100 ml

Whenever I get hair products, 99% of the time, I have an issue with them. 
And this time, I have an issue, but it is not so much about the product itself. 
I saw this and thought " Okay, an argan" until I saw that it has diamond powder in it!  
The diamond powder claims to "give hair shine like never before", which I don't doubt. 
My issue is this- the product is TINY! 
I know that you are only supposed to use a pea sized amount any way but 1) I have afro hair and afro hair drinks oil like nobody's business and 2) because the product is quite small (60ml) I personally don't think I will be able to test it for long enough to see proper results.

Monu Illuminating Primer
£24.95 for 50ml,

There is no doubt that GB love Monu!
 I think in every other box, there is something from that company; thankfully, I am yet to be disappointed. However, and its a big however, today was the day.
This is one of those products I call the "hype now-hate later". 
I got excited when I saw this as I know that face primers are like gold. I have tried a couple and while some haven't suited my skin type, tone or texture, they have all ended up benefiting my skin in some way.

This primer is very silky to the touch and has a nice non greasy formulation- a little like sun cream. It has a chemical smell like sun cream as well and in addition, the famous sunblock white cast appearance on skin. 
And that was the problem.

After applying a small amount (see pictures above for how much) I proceeded to rub the product into my hand; I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed... but as you can see, this little beast wasn't going nowhere and left me with a ghostly and quite honestly, ashy skin.
I think this might be because of my skin tone, which is a shame, but I don't think I will be calling this product my best friend anytime soon
. In fact maybe never.
 On the plus side, the product is quite easy to remove.

Premae Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum
£22.50 for 50ml,

This little product gets a thumbs up for the name- anything relating to food gets me intrested. I have never heard of Premae but, according to the Glossy card, it is a "allergen free brand", so I am in luck, since my skin is quite sensitive right now due to the change in weather.

The consistency is creamy and soft and just like the primer, non greasy.
This blended  however, unlike the primer, beautifully and left not a single streak on my skin.
It also smells divine- something like citrus, which is down to the lemongrass oil added in for extra goodness.

 O V E R A L L
I still stand by my word from the beginning that I am glad I didn't pay out for this box.
 I don't actually see how the products- apart from the lip and cheek stain- fit into the Dark Romance theme, and further more, this time of the year. I was really expecting something quite seasonal, even for Halloween, but unfortunately, not this time!
As for the products,  I think I may need to give them a fighting chance, but for now, they will all go into my 'try you later' box or serve as back ups to items I already have.  As for my favourites, the perfume sample is top dog Rottweiler and my least favourite, I hate to say, is the primer. That's a chihuahua.
So overall, the box gets a 3/5.

That's all for today but leave me a comment and tell me...
1) Your opinions about this month's box
2) What you received

Thanks for reading,
God Bless
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