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Thursday, September 26, 2013

TREND REPORT A/W 2013 #2 : I ♥ Highland

Time for another Autumn Trend to share with you guys.
This wouldn't typically be what I would go for, but I LOVE what I have been seeing in stores lately, especially the tartan checked sheer blouses and skirts.
If you don't look at anything else on this post, check out the tartan skirt form Forever 21...I want.
So here is a short summary of my favourites that I have spotted so far from Matalan, Forever 21, ASOS and New Look!
Tell me: what are your favourite trends right now?  

T R E N D: I ♥ Highland

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Glossybox 2013! Unboxing + Quick Review/Impressions!

Hi Everyone!

So, I was just in my kitchen making myself some breakfast (with a huge mug of tea) when the door knocker woke up everyone else in the house and announced the delivery of this month's Glossybox (yay!).
This is my first free box as I saved up enough Glossydots to do so- it's about time to treat myself.
 I didn't post a review of last month's box but I really wanted to today because I have already fallen in love with this month's. So, armed with my cuppa, I took some pictures in my kitchen-excuse the mess- to show you what's what, what's hot and what's not.

 T H E  P A C K A G I N G
This month's theme is Fashion Week and the box is a beautifully bold Union Jack! Glossybox have invented some pretty cute boxes, but this is by far one of my favourites! The colour scheme is red, blue and white ( very patriotic!)
 It features a ditsy red tissue paper packaging with all things London, complete with a blue bow; I usually love to reuse this paper for wrapping gifts or redecorating but I don't think I will this time. It looked so perfect I really didn't want to open it!

The information card this month is also very cute and has the little drawings along the top, which I always think is a nice touch. In all, it is certainly worth the £2.95 postage and packaging fee that Glossy charge!

A new edition this month also is the new GB magazine which I assume will be featured in all the boxes from now on. I've always wondered how they could develop the box, now 3 years old and a little glossie with a Glossy is definitely the way to go! I've already had a little flick through during my morning tea and so far, so good!

T H E  C O N T E N T S
After psyching myself out about the packaging I opened it to reveal what initially looked like just three products and then after a shuffle of the box, revealed two more hidden away. Immediately I saw the huge logo of Toni and Guy and my heart sank quite a bit. I'm not a fan of hair products in my box as none of them are at all right for my hair type ( I have a 'fro if you need to know!-that rhymes :D)

Eyelure Pre Glued Lashes
£5.06 per set

The first ( and biggest) item in my box is a single pair of eyelashes from Eyelure. I have never tried any Eyelure lashes, neither have a tried single eyelashes. I honestly like to buy in bulk and at a far cheaper price on sites such as Ebay, but I will definitely give these a go. I didn't initially realise that they were pre-glued, which makes me love them even more than when I first saw them. I can NEVER get the right amount of glue on a pair of lashes and to have it done already makes them must haves for on the go makeup!

They are more on the natural wispy side, which is my preference. These should be great for fall/ autumn on those murky days when an eye pop is all that is needed

Elizabeth Arden 'Untold' Perfume
£48.00 for 50ml, Debenhams

It shouldn't come as a surprise that at first glance, the second item in the box is my favourite- who doesn't love a good little perfume to possibly fall in love with?
I have always loved every perfume sample include in Glossybox and this time, there is no exception. I'm rubbish at scents but it is definitely a day perfume, very light, sweet and floral. I showed my sister this perfume in excitement and she told me that she has seen and heard raving reviews, which is good because E.A reminds me of my mum ( sorry Mum!) and strikes me as a 'mature' women's brand choice. I have smelt Fifth Avenue and I cant stand it but this is soo clean and fresh.

The most interesting thing is the bottle shape, which is slightly twisted. I personally love (loved) it until I set it on my dresser and found that it takes a couple of well measured attempts to stand it up straight- let's just say that you can't be lackadaisical with this little gem.


Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy
 (just so you know...)

 TONI & GUY Classic Shine and Gloss Serum
£7.19 for 30ml, Boots

Personally, this is the only item in the box which I may struggle to use. As I said before, my hair doesn't take kindly to any old product and I rarely use anything that has not been catered to 'afro hair'.
 The instructions say to use in blow-dried hair and to apply to ends and length of hair and not the roots. 
On the plus side, the packaging is quite fun and different!

 Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for lips
£11.50 for 15ml

So you want me to say it. What on Earth is this?
I won't lie when I say that after seeing 'nipple', I freaked out something chronic and only properly read the label after charging upstairs to shove it under my Mum's nose.
But it's legit. I haven't heard of this supposedly famous nipple cream that has some kind of ultra healing power, but
My goodness, this is good.
 I applied it to my lips for testers sake and it immediately soothed my cracked lips. I have a little sore going on on my top lip an even that stopped throbbing. It has a weird yellowy colour and a thicker consistency but I could get past that when I realised that it has no fragrance, which is a plus for me. To be honest, it reminds me of a lipcare version of Aquaphor.
The only thing that I am disappointed about it that my tube seems to be more or less empty. I squeezed the product hoping to get quite a lot out but I only got a dribble, it feels empty already. I know its only a tester, but I wish there was enough for at least three applications.

 Be a Bombshell Eyeliner in 'Onyx'
And ultimately, we have the Be a Bombshell eyeliner. As a Youtuber, I have seen and heard ALOT about this eyeliner as both the American subscription service myglam and Birchbox have included this in one of their packages. From what I have seen, the liner is quite thick and dark and makes eyeliner application a whole lot easier.  It may sound silly, but I'm glad that the liner is in black as Glossybox tend to throw in crazy neons, pinks and purples that no one can wear!
I tested this on my hand and no joke! it dried instantly! The colour is very bold and it seems that the wearing power is good as well. 
The packaging is a nice thick tube, which makes grip on this product easy, but as with every other eyeliner, being a tube shape makes maintaining that grip a little harder. The tube does feel a little cheap, which I can get over because I'm one of those who throw their eyeliners and mascaras across the room when I smudge my perfect cat eye.

 O V E R A L L
I am extremely satisfied with this month's box and its contents considering I can certainly use 4/5 of the products inside. For me, that is a win in comparison to previous boxes I have had where nearly every product had to be given away. Therefore, it isn't one of my favourite boxes right now, but that could change if I give each of the items time to work their magic.

That's all for today but leave me a comment and tell me..

1) Your opinions about this months box
2) What you received

Thank you for reading
God bless,
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Thursday, September 05, 2013

TREND REPORT A/W 2013 #1-HIS and HER Comic Finds!

Hey Guys!
I have been addicted to Polyvore lately and after rediscovering how much I love 'hearting' sets, I have been creating my own. The comic book/ cartoon trend is huge right now and I personally love it. I found so many cute bold and bright fashion pieces online that I had to make a set!
Click the set for product information
Enjoy x

* Trend report #2 is live

HIS and HER Comic Finds!
Thanks for viewing, come back soon
Stay Blessed,