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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Essentials! + NEW Youtube Video

Happy Labour Day
Fall is here and a new term has begun!
Just wanted to share a little college of some key back to school items I have spied lately while browsing online.
Today I released my final Back to school video over on my Youtube channel about affordable back to school outfits, so be sure to check that out afterwards x
(the link will be listed at the bottom of this post) Back to School Essentials!

H M top
$31 -

River Island jeans
$23 -

Silver ring
$9.28 -

Forever 21 jewelry

Black wrist watch
$15 -


Monday, August 12, 2013

My Top 3: Collection Makeup

I have always loved Collection ( formally known as Collection 2000) for cheap but great quality products. I have had my fair share of pretty disappointing and just plain rubbish moments when buying the latest makeup item from the bran, but more than often I am pleasantly surprised.
So, I thought I would share with you my Top 3 products, which I think everyone should at least try first before diving into everything else.

I have my favourite F A C E, E Y E & L I P
 product to share from all the other Collection products I have tried.
Note: The following products are all labelled 'Collection 2000' because I initially bought them i bulk. They are all still available to buy.

L I P : Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Creams
L: Cotton Candy, R: Fairy Cake

L: Fairy Cake, R:Cotton Candy
These cream puffs are the UK's answer the NYX Soft Matte Lip creams that took over YouTube like a storm last year. I found these after walking about in my Superdrugs longing to find something similar and voila- there they were! I picked up only two of the possible colours.
And here they are!

The colours

Cotton Candy Swatch #1
Cotton Candy Swatch #2
Cotton Candy #01
The first is 'Cotton Candy.' 
Looks like:This a beautiful blue toned bubble gum pink 
Smells like: A fairground. 
I can't believe how amazing these smell, but the Cotton Candy scent it heavenly. It is sweet but it isn't overwhelming; I just want to lick it off my lips ( but don't that!)

Fairy Cake Swatch #1
Fairy Cake Swatch #2
Fairy Cake #03
The second is 'Fairy Cake.' 
Looks like: This is a not-quite-subtle hot coral colour
Smells like: Freshly baked cupcakes with plenty of sugar frosting
The smell of this reminds me of Yankee Candle's Vanilla Cupcake candle. If you love that, you will love this!

The wear/texture

Both of these colours have different wear, which I was quite surprised about. Cotton Candy is slightly more fluid than Fairy Cake and so, therefore applies with greater ease. I always need to reuse Fairy Cake at least once to get an even layer on my lips. However both are extremely moisturising and smooth.
The product is highly pigmented, so a little bit goes a very long way.

How do I wear the lip creams?
 I apply the creams to my lips on the bottom lip and transfer to the top by rubbing my lips together. Then I blot slightly with a tissue/blotting paper to take away the excess. 
They last about five hours before I have to reapply.
 For extra long lasting, I will use a lip coat ( I use Lipcote, funnily enough) to seal and stop running product.

The only problem I have found is that after some time, they may become a little dry and lose their liquid like consistency. To solve this, I add one drop of water to the product and stand it on its head over night.

These lipcreams are great for the summer because of their fun pigmentation. They last a great amount of time considering they are liquid based and likely to slide off the lips. Use for a pop of colour to the lips or, as a versatile product as a cream blush to cheeks.

F A C E : Collection Shimmer Shades #1 Way to Glow

This was one of those 'got to have it' treat myself buys that I committed last summer. I saw these new palettes on display and just bought them, honestly, because they were marked as 'new'.
 However I did read it quickly before I bought, just to make sure they wasn't completely useless. What caught me was  the word 'glow' which makes this the perfect 'fake glow' product for, you guessed it, summer.

The packaging


I personally like the packaging although I have seen other people say that it looks cheap. It serves its purpose- it allows you to see the colours inside and feels sturdy enough to keep the product from smashing. It doesn't look expensive but it does look sleek.

The colours

The palette is a quad of shimmer to be used as blush, shimmer bronzer and highlighters.
There is a golden bronze, a cream shimmer, a rose-y pink and a brown bronze. All four are highly pigmented and only need one swatch to get a consistent swab. 

The wear/texture

L-R: Cream/white,rosy pink,brown bronze and golden bronze

All colours swatched together
The shimmer in the palette is very fine and not a chunky as other all-in-one palettes. The result is subtle shimmer which can be blended in to give a s natural glow. I find that this product lasts as long as the face is set with a setting spray or a dust of powder- otherwise it may end up on other places of the face.
How do I wear the colours in this palette?
 I use the cream/white as a brow bone/cupids bow highlight, but because of my skin tone, it can be too white. Therefore, I only need a little, hence why this shade looks the most untouched.
I like to use the pink as either a blush, a flush of colour highlight or a mineralised eyeshadow- this, out of all of the colours is the most versatile.
The two bronze colours work well as a touch of shimmer for a classic 'Golden Goddess' summer makeup look on the eyes, and because of my skin tone, can also double as a highlight to give me a sunkissed glow.

Since these colours are all powder based, there can be some fallout and smudging if the makeup is not set correctly.

This works best in the summer months and has been my go-to for golden glow. To be honest, I use the product most of the time with all the products swatched together- it makes a golden pink colour (example above) which can be used anywhere!

E Y E : Collection Extreme 24hr Felt lip liner

The last product is my cult favourite easy- for-beginners- felt tip liner. If you don't know how to draw a 'cat eye' this tool could help you perfect it in no time
I found this on the hunt for 'that magic' eyeliner about two years ago and since it retails for under £3.00, its a bargain.  

The packaging

The packaging is quite standard for eyeliners and there is nothing striking/pretty about it. The outer barrel is quite smooth which can make it slippy to grasp; each barrel colour is the colour of the liner, which makes it easy to identify if stored with many other liners.
 The cap is impressive as it actually clicks shut, which is key to stop the liner drying out or leakage.

The colour/application

L-R: Medium, thick and thin line

The pen comes in four colours ( teal, purple, blue and black) but I only have the black version. Felt tip liners tend to be watery, especially blacks. I've already tried other pens and they haven't been anywhere near as good. The colour is opaque with only one application and dries within a couple of seconds.
 The pen tip is sharp but flexible which makes it easy to draw different widths. I am most impressed with the application feeling as other liquid liners I have tried scratch my lid; this one does not.

The wear/texture

Cat- eye version #1
Cat- eye version #2
Cat- eye version #3

The felt tip itself is quite watery, but does not produce watery results. It dries quickly and once on the eye, feels invisible.
I highly doubt any product that claims to last anything more than 8 hours, so I was sceptical about this since it claims to 24h. I have only tried this claim once and found that after wearing to bed after a night out that it was cracked, but was still visible on the eye.
For average use, the product is still highly pigmented after a few hours.
How do I wear this eye liner?
I like to wear this along my lash line to draw an easy cat eye.

I haven't yet found any problems with the eyeliner itself as long as it is used within its expiry time. However, it needs to be stored vertically with the base down as I have experienced leakage. I would make sure that the cap is clicked shut properly as well to ensure that it doesn't dry out.

My favourite felt tip liner to use for easy cat eyes. Although it dries fairly quickly, the products can be taken off with any eye remover or makeup wipe if mistakes happen easily.

Where can I buy Collection products?
You can purchase Collection products on their website or in Boots or Superdrug. As far as I a aware, Collection is currently only available in the United Kingdom.

Click below to access each webpage

I hope this post was useful and helps someone who wanted to try some of the Collection products.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave your own thoughst and comments in the comment section.

God Bless,
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