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Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Latest Obsession: ETS Christmas Tea


I used to be an obsessive tea drinker when I was younger. I usually couldn't start my day without one, but now I barely drink any. Except for at Christmastime. I haven't had a taste for coffee in the past two years and have skipped the red cups at Starbucks, but I have been loving tea for Christmas.

I found this tea tin in TK Maxx in the festive section next to all the delicious looking fudge, candy canes and sugar sweets. I have been on the hunt for a good tea in a pretty case and this was pretty much the very first tea in a tin that I saw- so I bought it.

The collection comes with nine different flavoured teas, some caffeine free. Each flavour of tea comes in a colourful wrap with the description of the tea flavour on the back. I always appreciate coffees and teas that have creative names; most of them are pretty standard but I was instantly attracted to the sound of Rooibos Candy Cane and Irish Holiday.

I have had English Tea Shop tea before ( if you remember my big bath of Spicy Pumpkin tea) so I expected the tea to be strong in flavour and colour- I wasn't disappointed. I tried the Orange, Peach and Vanilla tea after a long day at work when I felt like having something fruity but light; it tasted pretty amazing with two teaspoons of sugar. 

I like that this is pretty much a gulit- free obsession because it has virtually no calories but tastes so good. The only problem with liking this collection so much is that TK Maxx is extremely unreliable. I bet by the time I finish this collection and head back to the store, it will be all gone- therefore I can not provide a purchase link to this deliciousness, sorry.

Happy Red Cup Season,
God Bless
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